About Me

Graeme Syme, RD

IBS D-SOLUTIONS 2 (Edited)I am a Registered Dietitian, a registered Health Care Professional and member of the British Dietetic Association I am a qualified and experienced expert in human nutrition.

Specialising in gastroenterology I have a very keen interest in Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

I have a variety of clients some presenting with slight bloating, others meticulously planning their daily commutes  around convenience of public toilets.

Its rewarding to sit down and discuss the challenges my patients face on a daily basis.  I can sympathize when they leave my clinic following a bombardment of information and little time to digest the information.

Despite nearly 1 in 5 people experiencing symptoms of IBS, the feeling of isolation is frequently overlooked.

IBSDietSolutions is designed with to provide you with that “little bit” extra support.

The internet can be a minefield of conflicting advice and you may not have the time to sieve through journals and studies.

The aim of IBSDietSolutions is to provide you with a simple step- by – step approach toward understanding and managing your symptoms.

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